One of the more unique additions you can bring to your home is a roof for your porch. Here are the do’s and don’ts of installing porch roofs for beginners.

A household can only take so many porch redos, and the elements have done a number on your deck.

So, you’re finally covering your porch. Whatever purpose you want to cover it for, porch roofing will increase the usability of your porch, its appearance, safety, and lifespan. That is… if you do it right.

Here are five key dos and don’ts to set you on the right path.

1. Keeping It Legal

Legal issues? But you’re just roofing a porch!

Do: Research, Research, Research

Think again… There are more laws to this than you may know! Do research—really get into it—or even better, hire and work with an attorney!

Don’t: Start Building Until You’re Sure

Having all your local roof permits in order will save you time and hassle as you move forward.

It’ll save money that you might otherwise spend on expensive fines, too!

2. Planning the Build

How are your architecture skills? Truthfully, most of us don’t know how to draft a blueprint.

Do: Follow the Instructions

Whether you draft your own plan or hire somebody to, it’s important to stick to it. The safest and longest-lasting porches are backed by good blueprints.

Don’t: Avoid Professional Help

Sure, you can find plenty of basic roofing plans online, but are they really what you want?

Why put effort into something you don’t want? Start on the right foot by hiring pros to create a custom roof design.

3. Choosing Your Materials

Once you have a plan, find the products to make it a reality.

Do: Consider Your Environment

Where do you live? What’s the weather like? These are important factors in determining what porch roofing products you want.

The best roofs for the sun, snow, wind and more all start with the best shingles.

Don’t: Just Go for What’s Cheapest

It’s true, you can make a porch roof very cheaply. If you really want a quality roof, though, you need quality products.

Don’t worry, though: The best weather-proof roofs can still be affordable. With a plan and a budget, you’ll be good to go.

4. Measuring for Success

You have your permits, plan, and materials.

Great! But it’s not time to build yet.

It’s important to measure before, as well as during, and after you build for sturdy porch roofs.

Do: Know Your Angles

Measure the rise and run of your home’s roof and use that angle for your porch project.

Don’t: Guesstimate

What’s the point of planning if you ignore the plan? Going rogue can lead to dangerous problems.

5. Finally: Building the Porch of Your Dreams

Thank goodness! It’s finally time to start building.

Do: Keep Safe

Even with all the excitement, make sure to take caution! You don’t have superpowers, so always get the proper safety gear before starting a build.

Don’t: Forget Your Family’s Needs

Don’t get too bogged down in details that you miss the big picture—Why you’re doing this, to begin with!

Are you sure you chose the correct roof size? The right materials for your comfort? Don’t hesitate to change these important details until it’s too late!

Start Your Porch Roofing Project Today

Are you still hesitant to start? You shouldn’t be, now that you have these essential dos and don’ts!

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