Your gutter system is vital to the condition and protection of your home in Littleton. Whenever it rains, snows, or hail, your gutters ensure that the precipitation is properly directed and doesn’t cause water damage to your home. Without a functioning gutter system, the longevity of your home’s roof, siding, and foundation is in jeopardy. 

That said, gutter damage is common – if not inevitable – over time. So long as you have your Littleton gutter experts check out and fix the damage promptly, you can prevent damage to the rest of your home. Being able to identify gutter damage will help you know when to call in the professionals. So, let’s go over the most common types of gutter damage affecting homeowners today.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are one of the most common gutter issues for Littleton homeowners. Debris, namely fallen leaves and pine needles, can build up in your gutters. This traps in moisture and prevents runoff from being properly directed away from your home. 

Gutters are most likely to clog during the autumn and winter months, when the leaves are falling off of the trees and onto your roof. You can prevent clogging by scheduling regular gutter cleanings with your local professionals. 

While having clogged gutters can be frustrating, it’s an entirely fixable issue. Just make sure to have clogged gutters professionally cleaned as soon as you notice the issue. Otherwise, the misdirected water could pool above your home’s foundation, presenting the risk for serious damage. Stained siding is another type of damage that can be caused by clogged gutters. 

Sagging Gutters

Sagging is another type of damage that can impact your gutter system. Gutters typically sag if clogging is left unaddressed. The buildup of leaves, pine needles, and other debris, as well as water that fails to drain, weighs down the gutters and causes sagging. But, clogging isn’t the only possible reason for sagging gutters. If the gutter materials begin to warp, generally due to temperature extremes, sagging could result. Poor installation is another possible cause of sagging gutters, making it all the more important to select an expert Littleton roofing team for the installation of your gutter system. 

Gutter Leaks

Here in Colorado, large thunderstorms and hailstorms can cause debris to buildup in your gutters, making them unable to handle the large volume of runoff from the storm. In this scenario, your gutters may start to leak. Leaky gutters pose a risk to your home’s foundation; when water accumulates over the foundation, the moisture could eventually make the foundation crack. Thankfully, having your gutters cleaned regularly is usually enough to prevent gutter leakage. 


As gutters age, they may start to develop holes. These holes generally appear when water sits in one part of the gutter system for a prolonged period. Any amount of sitting water can cause your gutter materials to rust and erode. 

The best approach to fixing gutter holes depends on their size. Small holes can often be patched up with a sealant without seriously compromising the strength of your gutter system. But, if the hole is large, a full replacement may be in order. 

Fallen Gutter Troughs

In Littleton and throughout Colorado, high winds can lead to serious gutter damage. Specifically, high winds may cause troughs to fall off of your home. If this occurs, you’ll need to have your local gutter repair team come look at the damage and determine if the troughs can be recovered. In some cases, the troughs can be reattached to your home. However, if the gutters are damaged when they’re ripped from your home, you may need an entirely new gutter system. 

Misaligned Gutters

Over time, your home and gutter system shift ever so slightly. This shifting builds up over time, and you may eventually notice that your gutters have changed in slope. If your gutters are misaligned, you should have your gutter repair experts come and realign them. This will ensure that your home’s drainage system is working properly when the next storm hits. Realignment will also relieve excess pressure from your gutters to prevent more serious damage. 

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