There are certain things you should know if you are thinking about getting a clay roof. You can check out our helpful guide right here.

Clay roofs may seem like old news, but don’t underestimate them. People have been tiling their roofs with clay for around 12,000 years for a reason. They offer many benefits over other roofing materials, and give any home a unique flair.

Thinking about switching over to a clay roof? Here’s everything you need to know.

Clay Roofs Are Durable

It doesn’t get much more durable than a clay roof. In fact, clay roofs can last up to 100 years. That means never having to pay for roof repairs again!

A clay roof will easily hold up to extreme weather, from high winds to huge balls of hail. They hold up against fire, too, meaning your life is in less danger in case of an emergency. Clay roofs also won’t rot or suffer from insect damage due to the nature of the material.

Save the Environment With a Clay Roof

Tile roofs, including clay tiles, are not made chemically. Clay is mined from the earth, making it 100% natural. But that’s not the only environmental upside.

Clay roofs are also more efficient considering airflow and thermal emittance. Their shape allows for hot air ventilation, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This’ll end up saving you a decent amount on energy in the long run!

Clay Is a Vibe

You’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to the design of your clay roof. There’s a huge variety of styles, colors, and patterns you can get clay roofs in. Just ask an experienced roofer, and they’ll help point you in the right direction.

You could even have them custom made if you’re willing to spend a little extra.

You can even get clay tiles that look like wood shingles. This is perfect for someone who wants the benefits of a clay roof, but isn’t sold on the look. A clay roof will definitely stand out from the neighbors’ roofs in the best kind of way.

Costly, but Worth It

If there’s one downside to clay roofs, it’s the price.

Clay is one of the most expensive types of roof to install. The average clay roof can cost anywhere upwards of $10,000, with higher prices for larger projects. Labor costs may also be more expensive, as clay is heavy and more difficult to install.

You’re probably not going to want to try installing a clay roof yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning that not every home can support a clay roof. Clay roofs are heavy, meaning your house must be able to support multiple-tons of weight. Always have a reliable roofer make sure your home can support the weight before locking in.

Make the Move to Clay

If you’re an environmentally conscious person looking for a durable roof, try clay. A clay roof may be a bit more expensive than other options, but the benefits are undeniable. Plus, a clay roof can really give your home a unique, artistic pop.

If you’re looking for a reliable roofer in the Denver area, see what Anderson Builders can do for you. Contact us with any comments or questions. We’d be happy to help.